Full-Service Capabilities

Design & Development

We offer the full range of design, prototyping, and development services. We turn your device concept into a manufacturable design, transfer it to initial production, then manage full-scale production.

Design and development services by SPG


Product development services by SPG

We are an FDA-registered manufacturer with 60+ years of manufacturing experience across a range of demanding markets. Our highly skilled, in-house technical team works closely with you from start to finish.

  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) principles applied at all phase gate stages of product design, development, and pilot manufacturing processes
  • Material selection and polymer science expertise and approved suppliers near global manufacturing locations to facilitate on-time delivery
  • Concept development and idea generation services
  • Supply chain and vendor management
  • Quick-turn prototyping and Component Webstore to accelerate design and development timelines

DFM & Phase Gate Process

  • Concept feasibility and market assessment
  • Design requirements/inputs
  • Design drawings/models
  • Tool/mold design, making, and prototyping
  • Design verification and validation
  • Production readiness
  • Commercial transfer
  • Postmarket launch & customer support


In-House Mold-Making

 A photograph of SPG's Pittsfield facility

Our tooling capabilities feature extensive, advanced wire EDM and CNC technology, coupled with a highly trained technical workforce.

  • 3D solid modeling, manufacturing, and design software
  • Detailed DFM activities with internal stakeholders, customers, and material suppliers
  • High-volume Class 101, multicavity production molds with robotic assist
  • Tool development ranges for prototype to bridge tooling in standard platforms to minimize cost
  • On-site, same-day testing and revision of production molds
  • Project management resources to manage requirements to customer timelines
  • Complete confidentiality on projects to protect proprietary information and processes

Launch Pad

The Launch Pad ideation session

Launch Pad is a focused brainstorming session, providing participants with a collaborative experience with our team of technical experts. Within the parameters you and your team set, the goal of Launch Pad is to generate applicable concepts by drawing on our vast knowledge base.

Our expertise covers a spectrum of specialties including polymer science, device design, processes, manufacturing, and clinical applications.

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Apollo® SPACE Camp

The Appollo Space Camp, an exciting opportunity to launch your design

Apollo® SPACE Camp is a full-day catheter workshop at our world-class development and manufacturing facility in Sandy, Utah. This program is an opportunity to collaborate with engineers and technicians to understand the impact of design decisions.

At Space Camp, you’ll participate in a specification review, extrude on-line, and work hands-on with our experts to build prototypes. Space Camp provides real-time catheter design iterations and education on extrusion manufacturing.

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