We love a challenge. 

Do you have a technical challenge you need to solve? Bring your project to us, and we will assemble different types of engineers to collaborate and develop a production process solution specifically for your application.

Our Process

Our engineers specialize in R&D, applications, quoting, design, tooling, manufacturing, process, quality, automation, and more.

When working with Spectrum, here is an example of our process at our state-of-the-art Minneapolis facility.

  1. New request/project is immediately sent to our application engineer.
  2. Project team is created with different types of engineers involved in the project.
  3. Project team manages the project from concept to full-scale production.
  4. Our metrology and validation teams work together to ensure quality.
  5. Project is moved to production, and the entire project team regroups to evaluate the results.

Why Choose Spectrum?

The project engineering team in Minneapolis works from client introduction and project inception all the way through commercial production. They also make suggestions along the way to ensure a robust and repeatable manufacturing process.

What sets Spectrum apart is how many different types of engineers we have on our team. As a result, we can easily combine different strengths to address the scalability and feasibility of a new product.

We also excel in very complex projects. Spectrum is known for a high level of collaboration, teamwork, and partnership with our clients to ensure that the results meet your needs and are easily manufacturable.

We are pleased to work in such an innovative industry and are constantly planning for the future with new equipment and technology like our electric presses.

Questions? Our engineers are here to help. Contact Spectrum today.

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