Catheter Technologies 

Spectrum is a trusted, full-service partner for the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative catheter-based solutions for interventional therapies.

We offer a full range of vertically integrated catheter technologies and secondary services. Whether you need a catheter that’s braided or coiled, steerable or deflectable, we can meet your needs.

 thin braid reinforced shaft manufactured by SPG

We manufacture braid- and coil-reinforced composite shafts with tight tolerances, built for high performance.

Vascular dilators and introducer sheaths by SPG

We’re the market leader in dilator and sheath technologies that support interventional therapies. Our custom vascular access components come in a wide range of sizes, polymers, colors, and value-added operations.

A complex catheter manufactured by SPG

Our technical team draws on our vertically integrated capabilities in materials, extrusion, balloon-forming, molding, and secondary operations to deliver complex catheter-based devices.

An image of a steerable catheter with handle

We develop and manufacture standard or customized configurations of steerable catheter delivery systems to meet your device needs. From concept to manufacturing, we offer full-service steerable catheter production.

A silicone catheter assembly by SPG

As experts in silicone, we offer a complete catheter solution including silicone extrusion, balloon forming, shaft/funnel overmolding, manufacturing, and assembly––all backed by decades of silicone catheter innovation.

A balloon catheter by SPG

Our balloon catheters are a winning combination of our Apollo® Balloon Tubing with Earnan® Balloon Technology, globally recognized for innovation and complex technical solutions.

Laser Array Tubing

As medical catheters become smaller and more complex, lasers are increasingly the preferred technology for creating complex, micron-sized features in a range of materials.

Spectrum has developed groundbreaking additive manufacturing technologies, utilizing proprietary processes and medical-grade materials to create components with complex tolerances, geometries, and features.

Component Webstore

Shop off-the-shelf catheters and components

Spectrum is the starting point for medical device development requiring critical catheter components. Our off-the-shelf tubing and components are available in our Component Webstore to accelerate the design and development of your next project.

Spectrum Plastics Group component webstore
Spectrum Plastics Group component webstore
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