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Performance Films

Spectrum offers a wide variety of single-layer and co-extruded high-performance films that interface well with automation for maximum yields and manufacturing efficiencies in your manufacturing sites converting applications.

Commodity poly bags by SPG

About High Performance Films

High performance films play a vital role in the of the medical device manufacturing. They are critical for ensuring products arrive safely—undamaged and sterile. Spectrum films maintain product integrity, from the plant floor to the clinical setting.

Our materials can meet the highest performance standards, including temperature, chemical, and corrosion resistance.  They offer enhanced mechanical properties such as improved impact resistance, high transparency, increased flexibility, and low friction.

After fully evaluating the customer’s project requirements, Spectrum’s engineers specify the best film structure for the application   Spectrum offers a wide range of structures, both established and custom designed, to meet our customer’s requirements. Spectrum has redundant mono- and multi-layer extrusion capabilities to support large-scale requirements. 

Materials for High Performance Films

From poly liners to forming webs, Spectrum’s product development teams and resin teams formulate the best material blends for the customer’s packaging needs. A wide variety of films can be manufactured using different resins and additives to achieve specific performance goals—for example, barrier films, targeted physical property, linear tear, vented, etc.

Popular high performance materials are linear low-density (LLDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).  EVA, PP, sealant resins, Ionemers, barrier and other specialty additives for performance upgrades.  

Manufacturing advantages of high performance films include the potential for down-gauging (using thinner material), excellent processability, and product uniformity—resulting in less waste, more efficient processing, and improved cost savings.

Categories of film include:

  • Monolayer film—A blend of various polyethylene resins that result in high-quality films for bags, liners, and printed substrates.
  • Co-extruded film—multilayer structures of various polyethylene resins used for linear tear films, abrasion- and puncture-resistant films, and peelable applications.

Both monolayer and co-extruded films are ideal for a multitude of packaging needs.

Our high-performance, bottom-forming webs are designed to meet the most demanding sterile thermoforming applications. These webs provide excellent puncture-, abrasion-, and crack- resistance with a wide forming-and-sealing window. A variety of bottom-forming webs are available that can be utilized with Tyvek, paper, and proprietary film top webs.  including coated Tyvek® for superior microbial resistance and sterile integrity.


Spectrum designs films to meet specific customer needs based on physical requirements, visual requirements, and even the way the material feels. A commercial and technical team is assigned to each project; our state-of-the-art analytical lab is also a vital asset for classifying appropriate resin blends and the best film structure. Spectrum can either develop the entire film from scratch or develop from an incumbent to form a Spectrum provided solution.  

Spectrum can also customize surface structures, colors, and chemical and mechanical properties. We can often down-gauge without compromising the performance specifications for the product—this allows the use of less material (reducing cost for the customer) and also conserves material resources.

For the greatest quality, efficiency, and cost savings, the film supplier should be part of the design for manufacturability (DFM) team to determine the most robust and cost-effective film selection for the project. Sometimes a complex solution is not necessary, Spectrum film specialists may advise against high performance if they are not the best solution for the application.

High Performance Film Applications

Markets that rely on high performance films include medical devices (converting films, FFS webs, peel pouch webs), transportation (inclusion bags), electronics, and food and beverage (linear tear, high puncture resistance, modified barrier properties, targeted physical property films, micro-perforation).


Our rollstock is available in a wide range of sizes up to 40" web widths, allowing flexibility to meet your specific needs. Whether you require small or larger production runs, our manufacturing capabilities can accommodate your volume requirements.

We offer a variety of Dupont™ Tyvek®, mono-layer and co-extruded film structures that are in rollstock form.

Available Features: Printing up to 4 Colors; ideal for form-fill-seal applications and/or automated machinery

Sterilization Methods: E-Beam, EtO, Gamma Radiation

Surgical Drapes

Surgical drapes protect the patient, medical staff, and equipment from contamination during a surgical procedure by separating sterile areas from non-sterile areas. Drapes are made from various types of materials and help maintain airflow and temperature in the operating room. Key factors to consider when selecting drapes include durability, reusability, ability to withstand sterilization, moisture management, and resistance to infection.

Quality, Innovation, and Speed

Spectrum prides itself on developing unique solutions that meets all customer specifications with a quick turnaround time that meets production deadlines. We stay current on market trends and new or advanced processing methods that we can achieve with our films. Spectrum also works consistently with equipment manufacturers and resin/additive manufacturers to ensure we stay current with new technologies that add value to our resources and production capabilities.

Contact us to learn how we can develop the best possible flexible packaging system for your medical device, component, or product that meets all its performance and/or end-use specifications and expedites time to market.

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