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Multishot Molding

Multishot molding requires expertise in material interactions and understanding of how to combine multiple materials in one mold. We have the capability to support complex components from concept to production.

Multishot molding services by SPG

Benefits of Multishot Molding

A multishot molding handle by SPG
  • Reduced cycle time
    • Compared with multiple molding cycles of separate components, molding multiple materials in the same cycle has obvious time and labor benefits
  • Reduced part cost
    • Combine reduced cycle times, reduced labor times, and eliminated assembly operations, and the total cost of multishot molded parts becomes less, compared with alternative single-shot methods
  • Improved adhesion
    • Multishot molding gives you a true physical bond, resulting in a much stronger, longer-lasting bond, compared with more traditional “skin-on-skin” insert molding or postmolding assembly


  • Orthopedic / Sports medicine
  • Trauma / Wound Care
  • Catheter Delivery Systems


As materials are fabricated in the same mold, similar materials are required in order to bond.

  • Thermoplastic resins including TPE, TPU, ABS, PC, nylon
  • Highly engineered resins
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