Injection Molding

Overmolding & Insert Molding

We have decades of experience molding onto metal and other substrates. Combining properties of different materials, such as strength and flexibility, can create more intricate designs for aesthetics, branding, or ergonomics.

Notch guide by SPG

Overmolding Capabilities

We understand material flow have expertise molding onto metal and other substrates to produce components for reusable and single-use medical devices and instruments. We manage all work flows to ensure repeatability and to meet customer requirements for tolerances, processes, and product quality. We also help source insert suppliers to ensure they meet the quality required for the device.

Our range of overmolding (molding multiple plastic over plastic) techniques can grow with your needs.

  • Design and development of hand-loaded fixtures
  • Semiautomated molding
  • Fully automated, robotic insert placement in dedicated injection molding cells

Insert Molding Capabilities

Insert molding capabilities by SPG

Insert molding (molding plastic over metal) is a lower-cost alternative to other manufacturing methods.

  • Reduces assembly steps and labor
  • Increases product reliability as parts are secured tightly into thermoplastic
  • Provides added strength by consolidating parts


Overmolding and insert molding by SPG


Overmolding and insert molding burr shaver by SPG
  • Drill guides
  • Venous coupler
  • Shavers and burrs
  • Surgical handles for various orthopedic / sports applications
  • Site preparation components for knee and hip implants
  • Knee and hip trial / sizing components

Secondary Operations


  • Magnetic components
  • Electronics
  • Connectivity components
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