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Quick-Turn Prototyping

With hundreds of materials and tools in stock and countless configurations readily available, we can rapidly produce prototypes to accelerate your development projects.

An SPG prototyping engineer rapidly producing a prototype

Quick-Turn Solutions

Single multi-lumen quick turn prototyping by SPG

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Additive Manufacturing

Choosing different materials for different catheter components can be time-consuming and can result in trade-offs to make the component materials work together. Our Vector + technology saves time and tooling costs and helps to accelerate design and development timelines.

Here’s how it works:

  • Design a catheter component of any shape
  • Send us your 3D CAD solid model file
  • We’ll produce your component with quick-turn speed
  • Uses medical-grade, USP Class VI and /or ISO 10993-certified materials and additives
  • Precision parts with dimensional accuracy to +/- 0.025 mm (0.00098”), depending on part
  • Components thermally welded to catheter, creating seamless dimension that allows for smooth, low-profile, high-strength transition
  • Can be scaled to full production

Vector+ technology benefits:

  • Reduces tooling costs
  • Fast tracks manufacturing
  • Using same material for catheter and components reduces number of materials
  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces material testing costs

Laser Processing

Quick-turn laser-processed customer inquiries and quotes are essential in medical device manufacturing today. Our quick-turn laser processing includes a wide range of high-precision micromachining services, including laser cutting and drilling, laser ablation and coating removal, and wire stripping. Precision laser processing can be used for extruded medical tubing, catheter and drug-delivery products, medical balloons, injection molding, and flexible films.

Spectrum Plastics is proud of our 1-2-3 Promise.

We are committed to our 1-2-3 Promise to provide responses and quotes as short as:

  • 1 business day to confirm we received a request and working to review
  • 2 business day quotes for low volume/R&D applications 
  • 3 business day timeline for a web meeting to discuss high-volume projects

The engineering team at Spectrum Plastics individually reviews each request.

Each opportunity is reviewed individually by our engineering team and variables such as scheduling, production volume, and materials are all considered. Standard materials for our quick-turn laser processing include Pebax®, HDPE, LDPE, PC, PP, PEEK, and Polyimide. Custom or more complex materials are available but may require longer lead times.

After reviewing your request, we will also provide you with an estimated lead time. To further expedite, consider ordering off-the-shelf lasered components from our website or order a custom extrusion run.

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