Manufacturing innovation.

Solutions for your most complex needs.

Over our 60 years of designing, developing, and manufacturing critical polymer-based components and devices, we’ve innovated solutions that can’t be found anywhere else. Together, we become true partners with our customers—enabling previously unimagined solutions to your most complex needs. For medical and other demanding markets, Spectrum has the answers you’re looking for.

Our Dedication to Innovation

We strive to continually innovate new thoughts, technologies, and solutions that foster true partnerships with our customers—enabling their device development in ways only possible with our innovative technologies.

Innovation & Technology Hubs

Spectrum Innovation & Technology Hubs are a way to keep innovation at the forefront and continuously strive to increase value and create better solutions for our customers.

Research & Development

Dedicated R&D teams focused on developing new materials, processes, and technologies in the industry’s most critical areas.

Problem Solving

Dedicated problem-solving space for our customers’ toughest technical challenges.

Innovative Solutions

Industry-leading expertise, subject matter experts, proprietary equipment, and processes that enable success where others fail.

Evolving Technology

New and unique technologies continuously added to our portfolio to best serve customers’ evolving needs.

Full Spectrum

Design, prototyping and development services from concepting to full-scale production.


Our most cutting-edge technologies. The truly innovative solutions that differentiate Spectrum from other medical device manufacturers—it’s what we call Spec+.

Innovation services

From brainstorming sessions during the early stages of development, to Engineering Days where customers work hands-on alongside our teams, we offer a variety of services that give our customers a competitive advantage.

Technical Expertise

Solved by Spectrum

Our customers come to us for world-class technology, industry-leading innovation and application expertise, exotic materials, tight tolerances, and solutions unachievable anywhere else. We help provide better solutions to the real challenges our customers face—it’s what we call Solved by Spectrum.

Full Spectrum of offerings:

  • Development and engineering services
  • Speed and innovation
  • Applied polymer expertise
  • Vertically integrated technologies
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Quality conformance
  • Trusted partners
Innovation at Spectrum

Spectrum Chief Commercial Officer, Dylan Hushka, discusses the importance of innovation at Spectrum.

Advancing Innovation

Over the past few years we’ve added considerable technologies and capabilities to our portfolio. These ongoing investments in our dedicated team and advances in technology all help bring next-generation devices, components, and technologies to market—fostering innovation that benefits patients and individuals across the globe.

Recent investments:

  • Cleanroom expansions (US and OUS)
  • Laser processing equipment and capabilities
  • Proprietary additive manufacturing
  • Proprietary medical balloon manufacturing
  • Tyvek® film and packaging capabilities
  • Expansion in Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Additional FDA and ISO site registrations
  • Technical customer service and responsiveness
  • Project Management Office (PMO) expansion
  • Additional quick turn/rapid prototyping capabilities
  • Expansion of stock online store offerings
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Thought leadership

Our team’s innovative thinking and application expertise help set us apart and solve customers’ toughest challenges. Here you can read about the innovations, thinking, expertise, products, and more that set us apart.

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