Injection Molding 

Spectrum has the expertise to take on the complex, tight-tolerance molding projects that others can’t.

Our injection-molded solutions include premium, high-quality components and fully assembled medical devices. We have years of experience with complex molding projects working with highly engineered performance medical plastics.

Multishot molding services by SPG

Multishot molding requires expertise in material interactions and understanding of how to combine multiple materials in one mold. We have the capability to support complex components from concept to production.

Micromolding by SPG

As medical treatments become less invasive, medical devices are getting smaller. We have the expertise to do precision micromolding, including specialized equipment, tool designs, and measurement systems.

Notch guide by SPG

We have decades of experience molding onto metal and other substrates. Combining properties of different materials, such as strength and flexibility, can create more intricate designs for aesthetics, branding, or ergonomics.

Implantables and bioresorbables molding by SPG

Implantable and bioresorbable materials pose unique preparation, processing, and handling challenges. As a pioneer with these materials, we have expertise and dedicated resources for manufacturing implantable and bioresorbable plastic components.

Silicone molding by SPG

Our silicone molding capabilities include liquid injection molding as well as silicone rubber transfer molding, overmolding, and liquid injection molding.

Burr shaver for surgical purposes by SPG

As a single-source partner, we can support your complex surgical device throughout the product lifecycle, from design for manufacturability to development to validation and manufacturing.

Injection mold prototyping is the process of developing a tool to expedite a molded part. Spectrum can create your part as close to the intended product design and functionality as possible using your requirements.

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a high-strength, high-temperature thermoplastic with superior mechanical and chemical properties ideal for injection molding applications.

Component Webstore

Shop off-the-shelf catheters and components

Spectrum is the starting point for medical device development requiring critical components. Our off-the-shelf tubing and components are available in our Component Webstore to accelerate the design and development of your next project.

Spectrum Plastics Group component webstore
Spectrum Plastics Group component webstore
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