Catheter Technologies

Reinforced Shafts

We manufacture braid- and coil-reinforced composite shafts with tight tolerances, built for high performance.

 thin braid reinforced shaft manufactured by SPG

Braided Catheter Capabilities

  • Catheter shafts and sheath assemblies
  • Precise control of braid angle, coil pitch, and polymer properties
  • Patterns (standard, diamond, and half load)
  • 16- and 24-carrier braiders
  • 1-,2-, or 3-wire ends/carrier
  • Fully programmable variable braid density/PPI
  • Longitudinal (tri-axial) wires; up to 8 longitudinal wires/shaft
    • Steel
    • Nitinol
    • High-tensile, nonmetallic fibers

Lubricious / Low Friction Catheter Solutions

Lubricious surfaces are a critical feature of every minimally invasive device. Low friction lumens allow devices to readily access tortuous anatomy and tight spaces with a minimum of force. 

Spectrum Plastics Group has decades of experience in manufacturing minimally devices, and offers a range of lubricious catheter materials that are fast, reliable, and low friction.

  • HDPE tri-layer extrusion
  • HDPE tri layer with reinforcement
  • Film- cast PTFE liner w/ braid and Pebax outer
  • Pebax with Everglide
  • Pebax with ProPell™

Wire Options

An SPG extrusion specialist developing braided tubing
  • Flat stainless steel wire
    • 0.0005” x 0.0025” (0.013 mm x 0.064 mm)
    • 0.003” (0.025 mm x 0.076 mm)
    • 0.0007” x 0.003. (0.018 mm x 0.076 mm)
    • 0.001” x 0.005. (0.025 mm x 0.127 mm)can
    • Custom configurations available
  • Round stainless steel wire (available in 1-end, 2-end, or 3-end configurations)
    • .001 (0.025 mm)
    • 0.002” (.051 mm)
    • 0.003” (.076 mm)
    • Custom configurations available
  • MRI Compatible Reinforcements
    • Kevlar
    • PEEK
    • Fiberglass
    • Polyethylene Naphthalate

Radiopaque Features

Reinforced shaft solutions by SPG
  • Encapsulated marker bands
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Tungsten
  • Polymeric radiopaque marker bands
  • Extruded marker bands featuring polymer with high loading of conventional radiopaque fillers
    • Tungsten (dual layer, tri-layer) (up to 80% by weight)
    • Barium sulfate (BaSO4)
    • Bismuth trioxide (Bi2O3)
    • Bismuth subcarbonate (BiCO3)

Secondary Operations

  • Flaring
  • Tipping
  • Insert molding
  • Custom hubs

See the complete list of our Secondary Operations

Braid & Coil-Reinforced Catheters

Braided catheter shafts and tubing by SPG
  • Custom-configured, reinforced shafts up to 38 Fr
  • Sub-Ultra-Thin-Walls tubing; industry-leading capabilities and tolerances
  • Braids with optional longitudinal wire reinforcement increase stability and pushability
  • Liner options to achieve lubricity, clarity, and cost considerations
  • Custom-configure tip stiffness and shaft segments to match your application
  • Braid configurations and materials customizable for good flexibility, kink resistance, and excellent torque response
  • Coil configurations and materials customizable for excellent flexibility and kink resistance

Multilumen Delivery Systems

A multilumen delivery system manufactured by SPG

Our proprietary processes allow us to manufacture braid- or coil-reinforced multilumen catheters with greater precision and lower cost. These catheters are commonly used in structural heart therapies and electrophysiology devices.

  • Up to 20 lumens
  • Coil reinforced
  • PTFE lined
  • FEP lined
  • Polyimide lined
  • May be combined with deflectable catheter design

Low-Profile Delivery Systems

As intravascular reconstruction drives demand for increasingly thinner catheter walls and devices with ultralow profiles, we have the capabilities to design and manufacture devices to meet your needs.


  • Thin-wall, high-pressure dilation balloons
  • Sub-ultrathin-wall extruded tubing
  • Embedded ultrafine wire-reinforced tubing
  • Low-profile steerable tips
  • Catheters, liners, and coatings
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