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Spectrum specializes in the manufacturing of components for the industrial and defense industries.

A military aircraft representing Spectrum Plastics Group's Military Defense solutions

We provide precision molding, custom extrusion and flexible film of the most high-performance materials for Industrial, Law Enforcement, and Military Defense applications. We have the engineering expertise to handle the most demanding, tight-tolerance jobs.


  • Military aircraft
  • Ground vehicles
  • Vision and targeting systems
  • Missile defense
  • Radar systems
  • Tactical communications
  • Unmanned systems
  • Tire and rubber products
  • Carton and Drums

Spectrum Solutions

We manufacture precision injection molded components for the Law Enforcement and Military Defense.

  • Battery housings
  • Adjustment rings
  • Light tubes
  • Monocular, binocular, and diopter adjustment components
  • Radome covers
  • Plastic computer components
  • Technical vision systems
  • Wing rib structures, bulkheads, and wing spans

We extrude and convert blown film into applications for the industrial industry through our PPC Industries Inc. brand.

  • Poly bags and Liners
  • Single Wound Films
  • Non-gusseted and gusseted tubing
  • Centerfold Sheeting
  • Narrow Pre-Formed Tubing and Bags
  • Laser-perforated bags
  • Mono- and multilayered films and bags
  • Barrier packaging
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