Medical Balloons

Medical Balloon Extrusions

Our extrusions for medical balloons are engineered for optimum balloon performance, backed by decades of balloon development and production expertise.

Balloon tubing by SPG


  • Single lumen and multilumen
  • Single layer and multilayer
  • Extrusion properties tailored to accommodate unique balloon requirements
  • Processed with strict controls for lot-to-lot repeatability and consistency


  • Nylons (Grilamid®, Vestamid®)
  • Pebax® (25D-74D)
  • TPU (70A-75D)
  • TPE
  • PE (HD, LD, LLD)
  • PET
  • PVC
  • Elastomeric
    • Chronoprene® and Polyblend®
  • BaSO4 and other radiopaque loads
  • Custom blends and compounds


  • Extrusions supporting balloon diameters from < 1.0 mm to > 85 mm (< 0.039” to > 2.165”)
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