Extruded Tubing

Fluid Management Tubing & Fittings

With tubing fabrication facilities in 5 countries, we offer a scalable, full-service package made to your precise specifications, including tubing, fittings, molded components, subassemblies, and assemblies.

Fluid management extrusions by SPG

Single- and Multilumen Tubing

Fluid management extrusions in a variety of sizes and colors by SPG


  • Standard materials including PVC (DEHP, non DEHP) polycarbonate, HDPE, LDPE, and polyurethane

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  • OD range: 0.020” (0.508 mm) min; 1.250” (31.75 mm) max
  • ID range: 0.010” (0.254 mm) min; 1.200” (30.48 mm) max
  • Tolerances may vary depending on durometer, material, and size of tubing
  • Up to 6 lumens depending upon size or material

Co-, Tri-, and Multilayer Extrusion

Fluid management tubing by SPG

As a high-end extruder, our capabilities include coextruded and triextruded tubing, aligning materials with different performance properties into a single solution.


  • Multilayer materials
  • Wire encapsulation
  • Coiled tubing
  • Paratubing
  • Solvent and UV bonding
  • Striped tubing
  • Tapered tubing
  • Bump tubing

High-Pressure Braided Tubing

Braided tubing by SPG

Shop High Pressure Braided Tubing

Known for its high quality, our Adam Spence® High-Pressure Braided Tubing was developed in the early 1990s. Since then, we’ve become the world’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure braided tubing for vascular balloon inflation, contrast injection, and vacuum procedures.

Standard Cut Lengths

  • 7"–102" (178 mm–2590 mm)


  • 0.071” x 0.142" (1.80 x 3.61 mm)
  • 0.088” x 0.188" (2.24 x 4.78 mm)
  • 0.110” x 0.188" (2.79 x 4.78 mm)


  • Polyurethane with braided monofilament

Test & Analytical Capabilities

  • Constant working pressure of 1200 psi
  • Burst pressure exceeding 1700 psi
  • High flexibility
  • High clarity
  • Available with or without UV or solvent-bonded connectors

Vitalmed Plastic Components

Fluid management plastic components by Adam Spence Corporation

Shop Vitalmed Components

Our Vitalmed product line features single-use plastic components for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, including bags, clamps, luers, caps, chambers, spikes, valves, and assemblies.


We offer a large selection of luers and luer accessories in the industry.

  • Male & female luers
  • Luer adapters
  • Luer connectors
  • Luer lock


We offer single-use one-, two-, and three-port medical bags for preparing, storing, and transporting fluids and biopharmaceutical solutions.

  • Collection bags
  • Eva bags
  • Heating bags
  • PVC bags
  • PVC-free bags
  • TPN bags



We have a variety of single-use and multiuse clamps in assorted sizes and colors. Many of our products can be sterilized by autoclave, EtO, and gamma.

  • Pinch clamps
  • Slide clamps
  • Roller clamps
  • Flow clamps
  • Re-opening clamps
  • Non-reopening clamps
  • Closure clamps
  • Catheter clamps
  • Hose clamps


We offer vented and nonvented chambers and chamber assemblies for fluid administration in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • IV drip chambers
  • Micro drip chambers
  • UV-blocking chambers

Spikes & Caps

We offer vented and nonvented spikes, specialty spikes, and caps.

  • Transfer spikes
  • Spike assemblies
  • Spike filters
  • Spike aps
  • Barbed connectors


We offer a variety of valves, stopcocks, and swabs.

  • High-flow check valve
  • In-line check valve
  • Luer-activated check valve
  • Duckbill check valve
  • Dual-check valve
  • 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-way fluid direction stopcocks
  • 1-way stopcock
  • 3-way stopcock
  • Swabs


  • IV sets
  • Pump sets
  • Suction assemblies
  • Saline sets

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