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SPACE Camp is a full-day catheter workshop at our World Class development and manufacturing facility in Sandy, Utah. This program provides you the opportunity to collaborate with engineers and technicians to understand the impact of design decisions.

Attendees participate in a specification review, extrude on-line, and work hands-on with our experts to build prototypes. SPACE Camp provides real-time catheter design iterations and education on extrusion manufacturing.

What are the learning objectives?

  • Polymer selection and common processing challenges that impact downstream manufacturing techniques
  • Tubing tolerance (ID, OD, wall thickness, length) in relation to device functionality
  • Tubing ovality optimization and concentricity
  • Braided/coiled reinforcements and the characteristics relating to the reinforcement pattern
  • Post-extrusion operations include: reflow, tipping, flaring, overmolding, bonding, and marker bands
  • Review process capability, validation requirements, and costing

Why should you attend?

  • Understand catheter design for manufacturability
  • Learn about available processes and technologies to expand design options
  • Build prototypes same day, allowing for instant modification to design changes
  • Minimize cost, scrap, and time-to-market
  • Personal growth and career development
  • Vendor/customer relationship building

Who should attend?

  • Process Engineers
  • R&D Engineers
  • Medical Device Engineers
  • Procurement
  • Quality Engineers
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